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With thousands upon thousands of websites built on templates, a custom design helps you stand-out.

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Our sites are built to optimize search engines and mobile devices. Through our custom SEO tools and coaching, your site will rank better and reach more readers.

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Infrastructure to create a seamless and beautiful shopping experience directly on your website.

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Sell, connect, make more bookings and manage it all easily within your website. Our CRM will help you track leads, sales, contracts, payments and more.

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Find out how to turn your directory into a successful part of your blog or website that makes you money and drives traffic.

Vendor Directories, Grow Traffic, Engagement

We all know website design and structure is important but its impact is far more reaching than most business owners realize.


Are you getting the full potential and engagement out of your images? These tips will help you transform how readers interact with your site.

Image Galleries, Engagement

CUSTOM - custom design your website for your specific business needs and brand. No templates and no need to do things on your own.


4 - 6 WEEKS - Quick turnaround time so you can have your custom website up and running as soon as possible.


STAND-OUT - Look different than your competitors with custom design, beautiful layouts and tools that make you more successful.


RESPONSIVE DESIGN - Your website and media will work on any retina device, creating an excellent viewing experience at all times.


BETTER SEO - Our platform optimizes SEO and makes SEO building easy for you on a regular basis.


PORTFOLIOS - Create beautiful portfolios to showcase your work based on your unique company needs.


SALES LEADS - Track your leads and manage all of your sales data, communications, emails and more.


REOCCURRING TASKS - Create custom workflows and automated reoccurring tasks for your needs.


HISTORY - Keep track of your clients, past and present. Track correspondence, review sales history and see important dates all in one place.


FIND & MERGE DUPLICATE DATA - Create better lists and keeps your data up-to-date and clean.


CALENDAR - Track your meetings, events, orders and deliveries in one integrated calendar.


DIRECTLY INTEGRATED INTO YOUR WEBSITE - Track all of your information directly within your website. No separate logins or systems required.


AUTO RESPONSE - Create custom emails that can be automatically sent to save time.


EMAIL TEMPLATES - Create custom email templates for your brand and needs.


TRACK EMAIL - Track your email opens and clicks to ensure potential advertisers receive your email.


CENTRAL DATABASE - A central area used to upload and manage all your images and digital assets. The media only needs to be uploaded once and can be used throughout your website.


AUTO IMAGE SIZING - Add the images into your media library and they are automatically resized for the various needs on your website, blog and mobile versions. No need to upload multiple sizes.


SOURCES - Source your images with any other business involved to ensure your colleagues are credited. Image sources are associated with the image wherever it is used on your website and whenever it is viewed.


AUTO WATERMARKS - Add automated watermarks over your images when they are shared in other places.


EASY BLOGGING - pull from your database of images to create new posts quickly and make blogging even simpler.


POSTS - Our platform makes it easy for anyone to add a post, and make it look gorgeous. Change styles, text and add images and videos with our unique WYSIWYG editor.


IMAGE DRAG & DROP - Add and organize your images instantly. You can drag single or multiple images directly from your desktop onto your browser window.


CATEGORIES - Organize blog posts by categories and create multiple blog sections on your website if needed (Events, Blog etc.)


SCHEDULING - Manage the flow of ideas and content. A built-in calendar allows you schedule and see your blog calendar and status of posts easily. Drag & drop posts within the calendar.


SOURCING - Easily source each image with other vendors/credits involved and those sources will pull through the entire site. These sources can be pulled into your portfolios and only need to be added once.


EMBEDING POSTS - LOV Media has built custom technology that allows anyone to embed a post into their blog similar to how you would embed a YouTube video. Emebed post will display your logo linking back and all sources.


CUSTOM LAYOUTS - Design custom layouts for displaying your portfolio exactly as you need. Use grids, masonry style layouts or more.


RESPONSIVE - Your portfolio will work on any retina device to ensure your images are always viewed with the best experience.


ENGAGEMENT - Build in custom tools that foster engagement, like the ability to like images or save them to their own profile within your website.


FULL SCREEN - Create beautiful portfolios that also allow readers to click into the images and see them full screen.


DRAG & DROP - Drag and drop images into your portfolio for easy bulk uploading.


SOURCES/IMAGE TAGS - Automatically pull in your image tags and any other vendors you have credited.


CUSTOM LAYOUTS - Create beautiful portfolio layouts to showcase your dresses based on your needs. Use grids, masonry style layouts and more.


CUSTOM TAGS - Our platform allows you to tag each dress with attributes specific to fashion (i.e. colour, fabrics, length, style, details, neckline, sleeves etc.) to provide readers with key information and search capabilities.


BOOK FITTINGS - Build in the ability to properly book fittings directly through your portfolios and increase engagement.


ENGAGEMENT - Add custom tools like the ability for readers to like images and save them to their own profiles so you can see the dresses and styles they are drawn to before their appointment.


IMAGE ACCESS - Access to images from the top bridal designers to make updating your website quicker and easier.


SOCIAL SHARING - Automated social sharing within your blog posts and images.


LIKES - Add the ability for readers to like images within your portfolios, blog and website.


REVIEWS - Pull in testimonies and reviews from your clients.


BOARDS - Readers can save images within their profile to different boards so you can see what they are drawn to before an appointment or meeting and they have better tools for interacting and engaging with your content.


COMMENTS - Add comments directly within your website for more engagement and interaction. No need for a separate comment plugin or system.


CUSTOM EMAILS - Create custom emails within your website. Pull existing images and blog posts into your emails with a single click.


MANAGE LISTS - Manage multiple lists and send targeted email campaigns to the right people. Segment your contact list for better results.


ENSURE DELIVERABILITY - Fully integrated with the top email delivery platform to provide you with world-class deliverability expertise to make sure your emails get delivered.


INTEGRATION - Send emails, track lists and analyze statistics all within your website. There is no need to login to a separate email marketing system as everything is fully integrated.


SEO - Our platform optimizes SEO, generates proper tags and gives you full control over the title and description on every page, assuring that proper metadata is picked up by all search engines.


CLEAN URL STRUCTURE - All primary pages built on our platform use clean URLs that can easily be indexed and read.


CANONICAL TAGGING - Our platform generates proper tags to ensure that search engines are displaying the correct versions of your pages when there is content that exists at more than one URL.


META DATA OVERRIDE - Our built-in capability allows you to override current Meta Title and Description for any category. Display a catchy sentence to readers and create separate metadata for search enginges.


DYNAMIC TITLE & DESCRIPTION - YOU have full control over the title and description on every page, assuring that proper metadata is picked up by all search engines.


CUSTOM SEARCH TERMS - Create additional ways for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for by including a list of keywords and location specific search terms.


PRODUCT MANAGEMENT - Add, update and control all of your products and what you sell or rent including images, descriptions, categories and more.


PRODUCT VARIATION - Manage and control your own custom product variations including size, colour, packages and more.


RENTALS - Our platform allows you to rent products and is built with all of the custom needs of rental companies.


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Manage and track your inventory quickly and easily.


MULTIPLE IMAGES - Add and display multiple images for your products to provide readers with more detail on your items.


WHOLESALE - Manage and sell your products to wholesalers. Create a separate login and control for wholesalers.


TRAFFIC - Track your traffic and important statistics to understand your website's performance.


CRM - Track outstanding tasks, leads, renewals and contracts easily.


SEO - Track your ranking, keyword ranking and important SEO information.


EMAIL MARKETING - Track email statistics, opens, click-throughs and more to monitor your email campaigns and track their success.


BLOGGING - Track stats on number of posts, traffic, engagement and comments.


SHOP - Track revenue, deliveries, events, inventory and more.