LOV Media has a team of diverse creatives experienced in helping businesses successfully navigate online and their various marketing channels.



We design and build unique, responsive and effective websites that engage customers and convert leads. What sets us apart is that we do more than build "pretty" websites, we help you solve problems through design and technology. Our websites are built to help you succeed and maximize your work day because we are entrepreneurs too and understand the importance of saving time and working more efficiently.

Our goal as your website developer is to partner with you and help you build a custom site exactly for your needs and your market. Every website we build is custom designed using the latest in technology, including responsive design, HTML 5, CSS 3 and LOV Media's proprietary platform. 

Although we focus on high-end design and powerful technology, through our custom platform we are able to offer all of this at great prices.

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Marketing & Branding


We are entrepreneurs first and understand the importance of marketing and the need to reach the right customers with the right message.

We know branding is simple yet it can still be very tricky. Our team can help you develop your brand from the ground-up or help you grasp a better understanding of your ideal customer and how you can update your brand to reach them more effectively.

From logo design to brochures, our team can help you translate your brand across all channels, amplifying your message and converting prospects through effective marketing.

Our team can help you strategize ways to drive traffic, engage visitors and convert prospects. We can help you ensure your message and brand is communicated consistently across all channels.

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SEO is not magic, it's not an expert game of chess or a seemingly impossible puzzle. SEO is really quite simple when you build your website properly and you understand the key proponents of what Search Engines are looking for.

LOV Media can educate you on how to use your sites analtyics, help you make smarter decisions that increase search engine rankings, help you understand your keywords and phrases and create a custom SEO plan for your unique business situation and competitive landscape.

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LOV Media has a unique ad network for wedding blogs and publishers. Our ad network is distributed exclusively within our platform. As we have complete control over our platform we can deliver the ads more beneficially and effectively for both bloggers and advertisers.

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LOV Media has a team of experts with over a decade of direct experience building technology, working on SEO, writing powerful content, blogging more effectively, creating engaging newsletters, e-commerce, printing magazines and social media. 

We are available for custom one-on-one consulting based on your needs. We offer a limited amount of consulting space and always get to know you and your needs before our conversation so we can provide you with tailored advice and valuable help.

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LOV Media's founders are available for speaking engagements, conferences and workshops. They have spoken to thousands over the last decade and are able to communicate key information in an engaging and exciting manner for your audience.

Helping artists and businesses solve problems is a passion of LOV Media and we always enjoy communicating our experience and expertise as well as simplifying technology and helping make technical aspects of business easy to understand.

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