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We recently launched the new Magnolia Rouge and wanted to share the details of this AMAZING newly designed blog. Although, we can't really use the word blog anymore as Magnolia's new site is a full-fledged content site with all the features and tools needed to keep her readers occupied for hours on end.

Kate Holland, the owner and editor of Magnolia Rouge, is known around the world for her impeccable style and ability to curate the most romantic and gorgeous images. Given her experience as a designer, we worked incredibly close with Kate on the style and design elements of her website. We had a great time working with Kate's modern design aesthetic and helping her translate her ideas and designs into website form. Since we custom develop websites without the limitations of platforms like WordPress or SquareSpace, the sky was the limit in terms of design and functionality which led to many beautiful details.

On the flip side, we helped Kate develop and understand the technology and layouts she needed to engage her readers, keep them on her website longer and make her workflow simpler. Kate's one busy, busy, busy lady so she was excited about any technology she could use to make her life simpler and take Magnolia Rouge to the next level.​


One of the most exciting parts of Magnolia Rouge's new website is the gorgeous new galleries section (below). Kate's previous website didn't have a section which displayed images only, it only followed a traditional blog format for content. At LOV Media we're very big on image galleries for publishers as we've seen first hand with some of our other publishers like Hawaii wedding site and Rocky Mountain wedding site, that image galleries amount for almost 70% of their page views and uniqiue visitors. This makes sense when you start to think about how popular image sites like Pinterest and Instagram are. 

The new image gallery is based on our easy to use CMS that allows Kate to choose images while she's blogging, by tagging them by style, detail, colour, and vendors. The images automatically populate the gallery when the post goes live. The image gallery is then searchable by all of these elements making it one of the most used sections of Magnolia Rouge.

The new Magnolia Rouge is filled with so many beautiful details, you really need to go spend some time going through all the pages, galleries and vendor profiles. Over the next few weeks we'll continue profile more about the new Magnolia Rouge.

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