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Based in Canada, LOV Media is a custom platform built specifically for publishers and businesses looking to get more out of their website. We believe in the principle "form follows function", which is mainly associated with modern architecture and industrial design, but when applied to the online world it simply means you have "beautiful design and technology that powers your business".

LOV Media was birthed out of nearly a decade of experience running local magazines and blogs, hundreds of custom website builds and over a decade of software engineering expertise. All of that experience led to us creating a tech start-up company 4 years ago with the goal of building technology for publishers and the wedding/event industry. During this time we worked exclusively by word-of-mouth, didn't touch social media and had a temporary website as a placeholder while we were busy building technology and powerful systems.

Today, we are setting the standard in the digital world, creating products that enhance publishers and businesses day-to-day workflow and online presence. Every product we offer is compatible with each other to ensure maximum growth and profitability for your business. We aim to organize all of the work you do online into a single system that is simple and architecturally sound.

And now we finally have a website to showcase our product and company! We are so excited to finally have our own home on the web and are looking forward to creating new content and sharing regular business and website tips with you. 

We hope you check-out our site, read some articles on the blog - like how to increase your leads with a better website design and get in touch
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