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​Images make everything online better.

We have become a visual culture and images are essential to online content. Adding images to a blog post has proven to increase the likelihood of it being read by 94%. 

It's no surprise that the largest social media platforms are image driven. Instagram is one of the most popular apps. Pinterest is the 4th largest social media platform with over 100,000,000 unique visitors monthly and 38,000,000 boards dedicated to wedding planning alone.

Todays reader is immersed in images and the entire Pinterest system. It has become the backbone of wedding & event planning and the way images are consumed in the fashion, DIY, home decor, travel, education or food industries.

Proper image galleries can drive significantly more revenue by repackaging them into a gorgeous, searchable and powerful image gallery.  

If your readers are used to consuming images in Pinterest and enjoy consuming images in this manner, then readers will love the ability to consume images like this in your own website.

Creating image galleries that are searchable and engageable is absolutely essential if you're serious about succeeding online. We've seen first-hand through the image galleries on websites like, and, an average of 20 pages per visit and 50%-70% of the website's traffic driven mainly because of their image galleries.

You must offer your readers a way to interact with static images like Pinterest and other social platforms they are used to, with the abilty to like, save to boards, comment, and engage with the creator of the images.

But there's one problem:

If you're using Wordpress and Squarespace, they aren't built to handle these needs. Wordpress and Squarespace are great platforms but they are not built specifically for publishers; they're built for plumbers, photographers, painters, lawyers, the ice cream store down the street and everyone in between. This means that the costs for developing a good image gallery will be extremely high.

Our focus is technology and creating a platform that can power your business to success. But we're not keeping it all to ourselves. If you're a magazine, blog or news company get in touch to find out more about how we can transform your website and the way you work.​
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