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We all know websites are important, we know our website must catch peoples' attention quickly (read this post for tips for an amazing landing page) but most business owners are satisfied with their "okay" website not realizing the potential they're missing out on.

When I first met Eric from Eric Daigle Photographer, he fit this definition perfectly. He had an "okay" website, it wasn't very visual and his photography work was hard to find on the website, but it ranked well in Goolge. In fact, his website ranked around the 3rd position on the 1st page of Google for "Canmore Wedding Phtographer" and "Banff Wedding Photographer". Altogether, his website was generating around 5 leads a week.

Eric teamed up with us at LOV Media to build a new photography website/blog, and after launching, he immediately saw his leads increase from 5 a week to over 5 a day!

Your "okay" website is costing you hundreds of leads.


To build Eric's website and dramatically change his leads, we helped him do the following:

  • Create a powerful and beautiful design
  • Communicate his brand and style
  • Create a blog that was incorporated within his website (not a separate entity)
  • Built beautiful portfolios for each section of his business
  • Redesign the website to work on all devices with a responsive framework


    We took a close look at Eric's customers, his competition and his product and strategized with him on how to best display his photos in a way that would engage his readers and increase interaction. Many of his competitors used a single image as their landing page, but we wanted to create something more interactive. We created a homepage that showcased Eric's best portfolios, allowing potential clients to see the depth of his work and quickly find images that applied to them. 

    We also re-structured Eric's sub-pages around the different types of photography he offers. These sub-pages were written to help communicate his services and boost his SEO and they included key call to actions at the bottom to keep readers on his site and funnel them to contact him.


    At the time of the project, Eric had his blog at a separate domain. We encouraged him to bring his blog into his website rather than as a separate entity. We incorporated his blog right into his homepage to keep a fresh flow of content on the landing page. This strategy allows him to keep his traffic and engagement in one place and regularly build his SEO.

    Eric Daigle Photography found-out just what he had been missing when he launched his new website and leads increased by over 500%. 

    If you've been thinking about upgrading your "okay" website, then contact us today by requesting a demo or contact us.
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