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Two years ago I met a talented makeup artist who had just begun a part-time mobile makeup artisty business on her own and now today she has a team of over 10 artists in Alberta and is launching a 2nd team of artists in Toronto.

What does it take to grow a business from a part-time gig to a large company spanning multiple provinces in only two years?

First, it takes a ton of hardwork, vision, courage and tenacity! Those are all ingredients you cannot buy but are absolutely necessary to make any business happen. Growing a business is a lot about YOU and what YOU put into it.  I know first-hand the effort that has been put into building The Pretty Haus (formerly known as Canmore & Banff Makeup Artistry) over the past two years.

But one key ingredient I didn't mention in that list is marketing.

Jenna, owner of The Pretty Haus, knew from the very beginning that investing in her website and brand was absolutely essential to her growth. She worked hand-in-hand with us to create a custom makeup artist website that was visually impactful, stood-out from the competition and put her best foot forward. She also invested in SEO to make sure potential clients could find her easily. This investment combined with her hardwork and vision allowed her to grow exponentially and attract the clients she wanted. 

Within a year, Jenna was already dreaming of new business goals and knew her growth was limited by her name at the time, Canmore & Banff Makeup Artistry. Once again, she understood the key to her growth was investing in her marketing; she rebranded her company as The Pretty Haus and worked with us to build an even larger and more dynamic website. The new website included more images, new services, complete artist profiles and multiple locations. 

Like any formula that works, the investment paid-off and her company continues to grow and expand today! 

The Pretty Haus has even attracted the attention of the Juno's and many sought-after photographers who are able to see the quality of her work because of her website and the way she presents and communicates her product.

If you want to know more about our business website services get in touch today. We'd love to help you see your business explode and grow to new levels!
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